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NSEC 2020 - Call for Volunteers!

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

NSEC 2020 is fast approaching and we are planning for the biggest and best conference we’ve had so far! We need your help.

Is this your first time hearing about NSEC? Checkout the rest of to learn more about the conference and our foundational technical sales competition.

A huge part of what makes NSEC such an amazing experience is the time and talent that professional attendees donate by playing essential roles like competition roleplay judges, keynote speakers, and workshop hosts. If you’re attending NSEC as a professional, we would be honored to have you participate in at least one of these capacities. If you’re ambitious, feel free to do more!

Conference Details:

Location: Timken’s World Headquarters in Canton, OH

Dates: Oct 7-9, 2020

Volunteering Opportunities

Competition Roleplay Judge

  • Act as one of the “buyers” that the competitors will interact with during the simulation The entire roleplay will consist of 3 events over 3 days, each event taking 3 hours. Note: Some judges may end up observing instead of participating in the roleplay

  • Take notes on competitors’ performance along with several other metrics

  • Provide feedback to competitors on how they did and how they could improve

Keynote Speaker (visit for the keynote schedule)

  • Plan for a 60 to 80 minute keynote speech

  • There will be 3 keynotes, one on each day of the conference

  • Will need to send a proposal with an abstract

Workshop Host

  • Plan on running a 50-minute workshop for 8-16 students at a time

  • If possible, make it an interactive experience in which students can practice

  • Suggested Topics: SPIN questioning, DISC personality identification and adjustment, storytelling, value selling, any other sales-related topic

  • Will need to send a proposal with an abstract

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application.

For questions, please email:

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