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In 2015, three independent sales engineering clubs came together in a collaboration that would eventually grow into what we know as NSSE. Clubs like these are the foundation for how new students discover the sales engineering career path, and these clubs prepare students to step directly into the role after graduation. Today, NSSE serves as the glue between the growing number of sales engineering clubs across the country, and you can help us continue to build this network.

Step 1

Get in touch with the NSSE ambassador team

Whether you are looking to create a sales engineering club at your school or join an existing one, our ambassador team is here to help! To get started, simply click Create a Club below and fill out the form. If we find a sales engineering club at your school, we will pass along the information you need to get connected. If we do not find a club, we will guide you through the process of what it takes to establish a sales engineering club.

Step 2

Establish a gameplan with a little help from your friends

Every situation is different for getting a new organization started at your college or university. We want to help with that process! Our ambassador team will connect with you to figure out what the best path forward is to make this new club a reality.

Step 3

Complete the Club Starter Program

Now for the fun part! We will guide you and other aspiring sales engineering clubs through our Club Starter Program. In this short program, we'll show you exactly what you need to know to be a successful organization. This information comes sourced directly from the community and what has been put into practice at existing organizations, so you can learn from those that came before you.

NSSE does not dictate any organizing or operating requirements. We simply provide resources in a structured format to help founders get up and running quickly

Step 4

Connect student sales engineering community

Congratulations! Because of your efforts, more students than ever are finding their way into their dream job.

Now it's time to connect with the entire community! Your club can formulate great partnerships with other sales engineering student organizations, and you can connect with other young professionals that are going to be part of the next generations of sales engineers. We look forward to staying connected and seeing your club members participate in our next National Sales Engineering Conference

Meet your ambassador team

The bond between NSSE and future sales engineers